Some Great People in SEO (Part 2)

by Trophico on February 18, 2010

Remember the last post? I was mainly complaining about fake gurus and just before the end mentioned Dave Taylor, who (imho) is a great SEO guy.

This post is going to try and keep it positive, and not talk about all those “gurus” that has sent me (and others) digging for gold in the deserts with outdated tools and tricks that worked really well 6 months prior to appearing on their videos, course documents and seo instruction books.

The thing is that while almost anyone in internet marketing wakes up each morning to an exploded in box with at least a few launch emails, affiliate emails about that same launch, and some other marketers just keeping in touch with their list subscribers.

I will cut to the chase right now. Jerry West. That’s the guy, and if you do not know who he is, you should. Probably the best advice I ever got on anything SEO related came from Jerry, and I am not talking about one or two tips but significantly more, with honest and true answers on questions most marketers dont dare ask Jerry is, hands down, the best SEO guy out there today – and has been that for a long time now.

This is the perfect example of someone who knows what he is doing, being very honest about it, sharing what he likes to share and working on his own projects without launching stuff, making a big hit and running to the woods, or hyping his name out to the IM industry. Jerry West works, day after day, and you know what? his processes and methodology works too.

So thanks Jerry, SEO would not have been the same without you.

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